Monday, April 8, 2013

fuval edge 6gal update

Well, modifications have been made, as always.  

Pair of Bamboo Shrimp
Lost some PFR's and my wood shrimp due to a huge PH swing from Petco black sand that was added.  Live and learn.  Now have two bamboo shrimp and about 20 PFR's locally sourced.  One of the adults is berried already!  She is so solid red that it is really hard to see the eggs unless she is backlit.  I thought she was moving kinda slow.  When they are loaded up with eggs they really tend to slow down!

Berried PFR ( Painted fire red cherry shrimp ) on mini Christmas moss

Also in the tank are 5 Juvenal Corydoras Hastus.  Sweet as can be!  I love these little miniature cory catfish.

Still houses Mr. Pagoda snail
 I've had this dude a long time!

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