Monday, April 8, 2013

10 gallon update/ my first berried shrimp!!!

I have a bunch or yellow Neocardina Shrimp in my ten gallon.  One of my bigger gals is first ever berried shrimp.  I feel like a new grandma!  
She is in the middle under the leaf.

See that belly full of eggs?

I have made some changes in this tank as well.  Got rid of the Pencil fish.  They became very aggressive once full grown and were attacking the other fish and shrimp.  Replaced them with more CPD's (crystal pearl danios), and some Rasbora Maculata juvis.

Here are a few professional photos of the fish gang:

Rasbora Maculata


klown killi fish

Pseudomugil gertrudae

All these fish are considered nano fish and stay under an inch long when full grown.  They live well with my yellow shrimp but will eat the baby shrimp if they can find them.  I have a lot of moss in the tank for the baby shrimp to hide in so hopefully some will survive.

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