Monday, March 11, 2013

6 gallon Fuval Edge

This tank has been up and running several years.  It evolves as all tanks do. It is the standard Edge with no modifications.  

 Look closely and you will see three PFR's, the fan shrimp and a nerite.

Fuval Edge 6 gallon tank
Petrified wood
clay fan shrimp house

 Java ferns ( three diff. types), Marimo moss balls, C. Parva, Ceratopteris thalictroides, C. wendtii 'bronze' and Anubis nana petite.

8 Corydoras hastus
10 Painted Fire Red Cherry Shrimp Juvis
1 Singapore fan shrimp
1 Pagoda snail - Brotia pagudola
Nerite and ramshorn snails

I love this guy, he is fun to watch but afraid of me.  I have to be very still and not spook him.

My new little juvenile PFR shrimp.  They are doing well, hope we have some berried shrimp once they get a little older.

The bigger clown killi, almost half an inch long.  Moved to my 10 gallon to make way for the 8  Cory hastus on their way!

Five PFR's , a pygmy cory and a big nerite!  Cory pygmaeus moved to the 5.2 gallon Mr. Aqua to live with the Blue Velvet Shrimp that should arrive soon!

Mr. Pagoda Snail
This snail is very cool!

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